GPS Geotrucks

The leading GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking platform with real-time monitoring, advanced
real-time monitoring, advanced alerts, reporting and much more.

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Private Vehicles

Personal security and control of corporate vehicles.


Analysis of your operators' performance and operating expenses.


Greater control over the time and location of your delivery drivers or processors.


Detailed and complete analysis of the hours of use of your machinery.

The best infrastructure

We have the best tools to provide you with a safe and functional satellite tracking service.

TelcelLargest network coverage in Mexico
Google MapsThe best mapping platform (better accuracy and better aids)
Amazon AWSThe world's largest and most secure cloud infrastructure
ANERPVNational Association of Vehicle Tracking and Protection Companies

Quality of service: our main objective

One of the main characteristics of our service is the attention and direct contact with the members of our team and our capacity for immediate response.

  • 24/7 service (call us at any time)
  • Trained staff
  • Standardisation of installation and maintenance processes
  • Manuals and video tutorials
  • Customised training
  • ISO certification (in process)

An easy-to-use platform

With the functions of our platform you will have your main security needs covered.

  • Unlimited geofences

  • Mirror accounts

  • Tracking history (3 months)

  • Web notifications (alerts)

  • Markers (petrol stations, workshops, rest areas)

  • Customised alerts

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Detection of fuel theft

Prices, the best part

Basic Platform

MXN monthly + VAT

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  • Unlimited access to the platform
  • Service available 24/7
  • No time limit
  • Update every 60 seconds
  • Mobile dataSIM
  • Own equipment (not included in the plan)
Per Event

MXN per event + VAT

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  • Access to B-Platformpackage
  • Rent per event
  • Specialisedplatform services
  • Ready and configured for immediateoperation
  • 3-day deadline for return of devices
  • Applies to mobile equipment (includes magnetic box)

Anyone can sell you a GPS, give you the solutions and attention you need, only Geotrucks, Inc. can.

The value of a company lies in the infrastructure that supports the service it offers you.

Sectors of application
Transport companies
Shipping Lines
Customs Agencies
Private Security Companies
Public Transport Companies
Home Delivery Services
Construction Companies

A unique platform


More than 3,000 users riding on our infrastructure

No Limits

We offer you fleet tracking regardless of volume.