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We are the leading company in GPS tracking.
We provide tailor-made solutions to our customers.

  • Background

    Today, safety on both federal and state highways is an issue of utmost importance for transport and logistics companies, generating the need for these companies to have a safe, reliable and quality mechanism that provides security for the units and the goods they transport during their journey, from the point of origin to the point of destination.

    That is why companies are currently investing in hiring or acquiring a GPS tracking system in order to detect any unscheduled situation and prevent theft of goods, and therefore theft or data in the units that transport them. These devices vary in price and service, however, thanks to the constant advance of technology, their prices are becoming increasingly competitive and accessible to a wider public and totally attractive to those who have the objective of protecting valuable merchandise and equipment.

  • Approach

    Geotrucks Inc has detected the increase in demand for this service by logistics companies located mainly in the city of Manzanillo, Colima, and in the west of the country, so it has formed a company to provide two different but inclusive services. On the one hand, the commercialisation of both mobile and fixed devices in the units will be carried out, and on the other hand, the monthly charge for keeping the location service activated on a platform designed especially for this purpose.

  • Services

    With our services, customers can have a tool that allows them to carry out the location of fleets, private units and merchandise delivery units; providing them at the same time, a system capable of performing various tasks such as monitoring or tracking the fleet of vehicles, having the information in the comfort of the mobile phone or mobile device as well as the timely reporting of the status of the same. You can also get statistics of the routes, a feature that will help you make decisions and optimise delivery times and routes.

  • Value Added

    We have qualified and trained personnel to present improvement reports on the performance of the units' mobility. The staff will be dedicated to establishing indicators that allow us to optimise costs, time and performance, always maintaining total adherence to safety protocols that allow us to act immediately, passing each of our collaborators through high safety and reliability processes.

    Our platform allows you to establish in the icons the form of identification by company, create geofences where you can immediately report the entry or exit of the units from the areas of interest and work and keep a report when the units are being used for "other purposes" during out-of-office hours.


To generate value for our customers, suppliers, partners and users through our security-related services.


To be the leading company in the market that stands out for its dynamism and customer service in order to exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers and service users.

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