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GPS Tracking Platform

Our core business is the rental of the GPS tracking platform, the service that gives you the freedom to manage your fleet according to your specific needs. Check out our packages and prices.

Sale of GPS devices

If you are interested in acquiring devices to be part of your assets, we also offer various options according to the use you want to give them. See our packages and prices.

Device Migration.

If you already have a GPS tracking platform we invite you to migrate to our platform at no additional installation cost. Check the compatibility of your devices with our infrastructure.


If you have a special project you can contact one of our agents to discuss the details of our customised on-demand monitoring service.

Our services include basic, specialised and value-added features.


Our alert system provides real-time information such as speeding, entering or leaving a location, deviation from a set route or separation of two linked devices.

Shared Access

Each user has the possibility to create accounts to share a vehicle or group of vehicles with customers according to the security rules set out in their commercial agreements.

User Control

You can manage multiple users and distribute them according to our role-based access, either by functionalities, by groups or by devices mounted on the platform.

Points of Interest

You can create and manage important locations (warehouses, booths, offices) in an unlimited way, leaving notification roles to the system based on these locations.


Although we already support a wide variety of mobile devices, we know that it is important to be able to have a system that grows according to the needs of our customers, so our system can be parameterised to include new devices as they come onto the market.

Third Party Integration

If you want to have the control of your units within your own platform you can do it without any problem, this way you can continue with your internal control integrated to the tracking without leaving your system and having to use an infinity of isolated services. Ask about our specialised services for more information on integrations.

Dispatch Configuration

You can create daily routes so that your units and operators have better planning, and you can also generate reports on missed deliveries or presence at certain locations.

Maintenance Control

If you do not yet have a system to track preventive and corrective maintenance of your units, you can use our platform to do this work either by hours of use, mileage or time.

High Availability

Our platform is based on a cloud infrastructure, which not only makes it highly available but also allows it to serve thousands of users under a scalable server and data model with features such as load balancing, redundant databases and presence in multiple locations around the world.

Google Maps

With licensed map management it is possible to give the platform features that other GPS tracking providers do not normally provide, including geolocation and traffic information (congestion or best routes at the time) and more accurate address-based address detection.

Integration APIs

If you have a special project where you need to integrate your system with Geotrucks, you can contact one of our agents to give you the best recommendation. We can integrate in real time via XML SOAP or REST webservices.

Web and Mobile Access

Our platform detects the characteristics of the connecting devices and configures the interface for an optimal, adaptive and easy-to-use experience regardless of your level of expertise in GPS-based tracking tools.


Do you have doubts about a particular date? Don't worry, Geotrucks allows you to review historical routes for at least the last 6 months.

Contact one of our agents and get started now!

We are sure to have a package to suit your needs.